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Palmerston Senior College provides a range of formative and summative assessments to ensure that students are given every opportunity to be marked on their best work.

Formative assessment occurs in class and is largely used for teaching and learning purposes. It does not contribute to the final grade a student achieves, but provides sound understandings prior to attempting summative tasks. Formative assessment help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work and help teachers recognise where students need help and enables them to address problems immediately.

Summative assessment is used to evaluate student learning for grade determination. On average a student can expect 4-5 summative tasks per subject per semester of study.

Palmerston Senior College’s assessment policy is to collect assignments in draft form and provide feedback. This allows the final copy to be the student’s best work. Work submitted after the due date set by the teacher (with an extension being granted) will be marked but the mark will not contribute to the final grade.

More information on assessment can be found in the attached Deadline Policy

2017 Year 12 Assessment Schedule (Final deadlines not drafts) Yr12 Assessment Timetable 2017

2017 Year 11 Assessment Schedule (Semester 1 Final Submission Dates) TBA